We have a compliance team ready and willing to help you. Whether you choose to operate under the Link FAP or your own, we have options.

Review and Audits

Feel confident working in the new financial regime with the security of our review and audit process. Our compliance team will ensure that the advice you are giving is top-notch, and you are following a compliant six-step process.


You will be provided a report on your outcome from the compliance team and support from our training and development team to ensure you are taking a best practice approach for your clients.

Advice Link - Your compliance safety net

Let Advice Link do all the hard work for you whilst you concentrate on helping your clients. With a robust six step process built into it's DNA, Advice Link is your new best friend. As a financial adviser, it helps you meet your record-keeping and disclosure obligations at the different stages of client engagement. Simple and easy to use, online client applications, inbuilt Statement of Advice and so much more.

Professional Development and Ongoing Training

We can help you understand your obligations as an Adviser including ongoing training and professional development around compliance and professional standards. With our online training platform, this is simple and takes up less of your time so you can do the stuff that makes you the $'s.

Compliance Team

With our team of experts here to help you along the way, you can feel safe and confidant operating in our new financial services environment. We have approved documented processes and procedures in place to ensure that each financial adviser understands and complies with the obligations under our FAP license. We are only a phone call away and are always happy to help.